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Why Choose Us?

Create an enjoyable experience for your listeners, at an affordable price for you.

Our user-friendly process allows you to choose your service, input payment, upload your file and leave instructions on how you want your episode produced.

Our service is completely human edited. No click-button AI editing.
We do a full listen through of every episode to make smooth, natural cuts and sensible decisions.

Choose between per-episode payment, or try our Quick Edit Credit system, where you can deduct from your prepaid balance, based on the length of your recording.

Whichever you choose, we deliver on a 48-hour turnaround so you can get your episode and its message out to the world.

Contact us about develping your Short Form podcast.

Competitive pricing, plus added inclusions you won't find elsewhere.

What if you need just one episode edited? No problem! Pay-as-you-go, no commitments or retainers required.

Make the most of our progressive pricing model. Only pay for what you need.

There's no podfade when your show is only 12 episodes long! Talk to us about Short Form podcasts, a great way to get your message out there in a manageable way.


A new approach to podcast editing

Our customers value the simple interface, customer service and an uncomplicated process from start to finish. 

Let them tell you all about it!

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How does it work?

The Quick Edit process goes like this:

Why Quick Edit?

You’ve recorded your episode, and now you need all the messy bits removed: the stutters and restarts, the chit-chat at the beginning and end, that time when a dog started barking and you had to start your sentence again.

Audio editing is time consuming, finicky, at times complex, and just another thing you need to worry about, when you want to get on with building your business and growing your podcast!

Yet finding a quality editing service that is reliable, consistent and affordable has been a challenge.

Post a job on Upwork or Fiverr, get 50 applications that you then have to sort through.

Post a message in Facebook or Reddit, “I’m looking for a podcast editor,” and your inbox gets slammed with DMs. Where to even start?

Asking friends and people in your network for recommendations is the best way to find help. But a lot of audio production companies expect contracts, minimum commitments or orders, and push you towards high-end (read: expensive) production, when all you need is just a good, solid cleanup, at an affordable price.

This is why we started Quick Edit Podcasts: to cater to podcasters who are ready to invest in their show, to improve quality and get back their time, and can place orders at their own pace without breaking the bank.

Quick Edit Podcasts is great for:

  • Single Episodes

    Just one episode that needs editing? No problem! Send it over, one-and-done!

  • Mini-Series

    Consider a mini-series of episodes to promote your latest offer, a concept or theme, a collection of interviews: all without the commitment of an endless podcast.

  • Seasons

    We're a big fan of seasonal podcasts. Plan your episodes from start to finish, take a break, and come back for the next season!

  • One-Off Projects

    Maybe you just have a one-time project that needs completion. We can take care of it without any further commitments or contracts.

And we also offer:

Polish up your podcast

Pricing & Inclusions


Our audio production starts with the “Essential” edit:

  • Full listen-through with human ears. No click-button AI editing.
  • Dialogue cleanup to remove most pauses, restarts, stutters and crutch words,
  • Cleanup of non-spoken audio (the non-speaking track), 
  • Noise reduction, mixing and mastering,
  • Insertion of Intro & Outro, if provided.

The episode is then exported as an .mp3 and the file returned to your personal Quick Edit Podcasts dashboard.

Pricing starts at $50 for up to 20 minutes of recorded audio.

For more detailed production, we offer the “Advanced ” edit, with everything in Essential plus:

  • Content editing for logical flow and grammar,
  • Insertion of Ad placements, in addition to your standard Intro & Outro,
  • Insertion and mixing of your royalty-free music and sound effects, when provided,
  • Free revisions!
The option to upload the finished .mp3 file to your podcast host or cloud storage drive, when access provided.
Pricing starts at $70 for up to 20 minutes of recorded audio.

The "Essential" edit:

0-20 min.
21-30 min.
31-40 min.
41-50 min.
51-60 min.
61-70 min.
71-80 min.
81-90 min.









The "Advanced" edit:

0-20 min.
21-30 min.
31-40 min.
41-50 min.
51-60 min.
61-70 min.
71-80 min.
81-90 min.









Do you have multiple episodes that need editing, whether right away or in the future? Quick Edit Credit makes the process even easier, and saves you money.

Quick Edit Credit gives you even more for your budget, by drawing from a bank of pre-paid credit that you’ve added to our system.

Receive $10 off your order when paying with Quick Edit Credit.


Pricing is based on the length of your raw recording. Our progressive pricing structure is divided into 10 minute increments, so you avoid overpaying while not worrying about every little minute.

You only pay (or place an order with Quick Edit Credit), once you have recorded your episode, so we know exactly how long it is. This gives you the most fair and accurate rate for your edit!

We’ll get your edited file back to you within 48 hours. You’ll find it in your Client Portal, and you’ll get an email link when it’s ready.

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