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Create a Podcast Trailer to Advertise Your Show

Podcast Trailers are purpose-made summaries of your show, what it’s about, who it’s for and why people should listen. They are used equally in promotion before a podcast launches, and as ongoing advertisements of your show to encourage people to check it out.
Quick Edit Podcasts can help you design and create a great Trailer for your show, whether you’re in pre-launch mode or have an existing podcast that you want to promote.
Trailers are typically around 2 minutes long, and can be easily shared on social media or embedded on your website.

What we need from you to put your Trailer together:

Like creating an Intro or Outro, creating a podcast Trailer is a slightly longer process than doing a single episode audio edit. It involves some direction and coordination between you and our team. 

We’ll need to communicate by video call or messaging to make sure your instructions and wishes are clear.

But, once we get underway you can still have your Trailer ready within 48 hours!

What’s included:

  • Direction and guidance on how to construct a podcast Trailer: format, length and what to include.
  • Your choice of recording the voiceover yourself, or requesting one of our voice actors ($).
  • Music of your choice; one royalty-free track included with your purchase.
  • Sound effects, as requested.
  • Two revisions, after the initial draft.


  • Go to the order form and place your order for a podcast Trailer.
    • You can also do this as an add-on when ordering an audio episode edit.
  • On the subsequent intake form, choose an available time for a 30-minute planning call with one of our editors. This is included with your purchase.
  • If you have already recorded the dialogue for your Trailer, you can upload the raw file in the intake form. If you already have royalty-free music, you can also add it here.
    • Talk to us during your orientation call if you need to choose your music, and if you would like a voice actor for your dialogue. 
  • If there are any excerpts from existing episodes that you’d like to include in your Trailer, simply note the applicable sections with time stamps, and upload the episode(s) to your Client Portal. We’ll then splice it into your Trailer.
  • Upon completion of our planning call, and reception of your dialogue recording (or script) and music, we’ll get started immediately on a first draft.
  • Your first draft will be completed within 48 hours, and uploaded to your Client Portal in Quick Edit Podcasts. Take a listen, and request any changes. We can do two rounds of modifications with your order.



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